• Custom bags are our specialty.
  • Almost unlimited range of sizes, film types, colors, constructions and prints. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Bottom seal, side weld, perforated lip, perforated rolls, flip top, just to name a few of the types of bags we make.
  • Custom sheeting is also our sphere of expertise.
  • Flat sheets, single wound sheeting, centerfold sheeting, double-wound sheeting and tubing.
  • Industrial and retail bags.
  • Wide range of film gauges and formulations to meet your needs.
  • Custom designed to your application.

Various types of manufacture of polyethylene Bags

Type Description
Bottom Seal Seamless tubing, sealed at bottom, item individually cut, flat or side gusseted. For watertight sealing, we can double seal the bags at your request.
Side weld. Polyethylene sheeting is folded to form the bottom of the bag, which is then sealed at each side, creating a neat trim package. Flat or bottom gusseted, with or without a lip, for retail marketing, general packaging uses.
Perforated lip A side-weld may have a perforated lip which is stapled to a cardboard header for easy tear-off. Usually 100 bags per header card, used with semi-automatic bag opener machines.
Perforated Rolls A continuous roll of seamless tubing is made into bottom-seal bags, which are perforated at specific bag lengths for easy tear-offs of individual bags. Suitable for bin liners, etc. Minimum amount of space required for storage; the easiest way of handling “long” bags.
Flip Top A side-weld bag, where the lip tucks in for automatic closing.

Types of Manufacture

Type Description
Flat sheets Sheeting, cut to size. For general wrapping, lining or dividing layers.
Single-Wound sheeting Flat single layer sheeting, wound to size on rolls.
Centerfold sheeting Seamless tubing, one side slit open, wound to size on rolls.
Double-Wound sheeting Seamless tubing, both sides slit open, wound to size on rolls.
Tubing Continuous roll of seamless tubing, wound to size on roll-flat or side gusseted.